Elastic nails for children

Indications :
Children (minimum to 3-4 years old, maximum to 13-15 years old) fracture types:
Transverse fractures Ø Short oblique fractures with wedge-shaped fragments
Long oblique fractures with cortical support
Short helical fractures
Multiple fractures
Pathological fractures such as bone cysts in adolescence
Types of adult fractures: adult clavicle; adult forearm bone; adult fibula

1. The curved head end makes the reduction easier, the insertion is more convenient, and it is beneficial to the X-ray Identify the direction of the intramedullary nail offline
2. Five diameters of 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4mm, adapt to different clinical needs
3. The uniform length of 440mm can be cut as needed
4. The supporting tools are simple and practical

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Elastic nails for children


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Elastic nails for children
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