Dynamic Hip System

Suitable for internal fixation of femoral intertrochanteric/lower femoral fractures

1. The screw has a strong internal fixation effect on the bone, and can be effectively fixed even in the case of osteoporosis
2. The sliding mechanism in the sleeve can prevent the nail end from penetrating the knee joint, femoral head or acetabulum, and the negative gravity is directly transmitted to the bone.
3. The power sliding device keeps the fracture reduction and tightness and reduces nonunion.

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Dynamic Hip System


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3.5mm Proximal Lateral Humeral Plates II

123202002 holes
123203003 holes
123204004 holes
123205005 holes
123206006 holes
123207007 holes
123208008 holes
123209009 holes
1232100010 holes
1232110011 holes
1232120012 holes

Dynamic Hip System
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