Root Bone Fusion Intramedullary nail

1. There are dynamic and static transverse locking holes at the proximal end to provide different locking functions;
2. One-piece carbon fiber frame design, it is stated in the book that there is no need to disassemble, to ensure that all horizontal locking nails are accurately implanted
3. There is a pressure nut in the long strip hole at the far end, which can achieve a maximum pressure distance of 5mm.
4. The distal end is provided with multi-planar cross transverse locking holes to enhance the stability of fixation.
5. Provide main nails of different diameters and lengths for selection
6. Different colors, easy to distinguish
7. Divide the left and right sides, in line with the anatomical design.

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Root Bone Fusion Intramedullary nail


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Root Bone Fusion Intramedullary nail
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