Halo External Fixator

1. Cervical spine injury (spinal fracture, fracture dislocation, no fracture-dislocation type cervical bone injury)
2. Cervical spine deformity, cervical spine tumor (preoperative, intraoperative, postoperative application)
3. Cervical spine inflammation (tuberculosis and other inflammatory diseases) Instability caused by)
4. Instability of the cervical spine due to other reasons during the operation.

Product Features
1. The three-dimensional fixation structure can completely fix the cervical vertebra and effectively prevent the flexion, extension, lateral flexion and rotation of the cervical vertebra.
2. Three-dimensional adjustment of the traction direction, and fixation can achieve the ideal traction reset effect.
3. Early activities can reduce the workload and intensity of nursing care.
4. The cervical spine can be operated in a stable state, making the operation safer and easier.
5. Compared with head ring plaster, it is light in weight, easy to assemble

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Halo External Fixator


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Halo External Fixator
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