Transverse External Fixator

An external fixation stent designed for the treatment of diabetes and peripheral vascular diseases, the specific indications are as follows:
Diabetic foot ulcers of grade 1-3
Vascular occlusive vasculitis
Arteriosclerosis obliterans

1. The dislocation design of the main fixation pin and the bone piece lifting pin can effectively prevent the lifting pin from being difficult to lift due to the angle deviation when the main fixation pin and the lifting pin are on the same plane.
2. Rotatable needle clip, more flexible nail setting and easier operation
3. Equipped with large and small lifting needle clips, and suitable for special osteotomy guides, used with nail clips
4. Two-hole or three-hole multi-hole osteotomy device for minimally invasive osteotomy

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Transverse External Fixator


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Transverse External Fixator
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