Cervical Titanium Mesh

Posterior longitudinal ligament ossification
Vertebral infection (tuberculosis, etc.)
vertebral body tumor
Trauma (burst, comminuted fracture

Pure titanium products have good plasticity and mechanical properties, do not affect imaging examinations, and have good biocompatibility
The mesh structure has strong pressure resistance and is more conducive to cutting
Bone graft can be placed in the hollow, which is convenient for fusion
Different diameters are suitable for cervical, thoracic and lumbar vertebrae
Preset angle, in line with the physiological curvature of the spine
Oval design provides greater contact surface for subtotal vertebrectomy
End caps are available at both ends of the titanium mesh, which increase the contact area with the upper and lower end plates, which can reduce collapse and subsidence

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Cervical Titanium Mesh


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Cervical Titanium Mesh
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