Surgical Saw Blades For Arthroplasty


•Stable saw blade movement track
• Minimize heat during bone removal
• Minimize the possibility of thermal necrosis
• Alternating serrations provide better clearance for cutting and chip evacuation, and reduce insert surface area for lower cutting temperatures
•Saw blades are available in a variety of sizes and tooth profiles, designed to achieve the straight, accurate, clean cutting surfaces required for implant placement
•Saw blade surface thickness is uniform, preventing bending and reducing vibration, while improving stability and cutting efficiency
• The body of the saw blade is rounded to remove sharp edges to prevent hand injury during handling
• Available in sterile and non-sterile packaging for surgeon choice
• Reliable stainless steel material with good biocompatibility, the hardness of the raw material prevents the blade from bending when it comes into contact with the hard bone surface during cutting
• A variety of saw blade interfaces to meet the adaptation of

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Surgical Saw Blades For Arthroplasty


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Surgical Saw Blades For Arthroplasty
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