Large Fragment Locking Plate System

Indications :
Internal fixation, osteotomy and orthopedic surgery for lower extremity diaphyseal or metaphyseal fractures.

1. Anatomical design, conforming to the anatomical curvature of the bone
2. Low notch design to reduce irritation of soft tissue
3. The distal end is convenient for minimally invasive insertion and can be temporarily fixed with Kirschner wire
4. Long slotted hole, convenient for bone plate position adjustment and bone block compression
5. Can be used with 5.0mm locking screw, 4.5mm cortical bone screw and 6.5mm cancellous bone screw

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Large Fragment Locking Plate System


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Distal Lateral Femur Plate II

127705015 holes,Left
127707017 holes,Left
127709019 holes,Left
1277110111 holes,Left
1277130113 holes,Left
1277150115 holes,Left
1277170117 holes,Left
127705025 holes,Right
127707027 holes,Right
127709029 holes,Right
1277110211 holes,Right
1277130213 holes,Right
1277150215 holes,Right
1277170217 holes,Right

Large Fragment Locking Plate System
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