Universal Locking Plate System

Internal fixation for metaphyseal fractures of limbs

1. Provide different shapes of bone plates to meet the needs of different positions
2. Low notch design, reduce the irritation of soft tissue
3. Provide tools for reduction and fixation of pelvis and acetabulum
4. Can be used with 3.5mm locking screw, 3.5mm cortical bone screw and 4.0mm cancellous bone screw

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Universal Locking Plate System


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Distal Radius Plates( Middle Head, Variable)

163302312 holes,Left
163303313 holes,Left
163304314 holes,Left
163305315 holes,Left
163306316 holes,Left
163307317 holes,Left
163308318 holes,Left
163302322 holes,Right
163303323 holes,Right
163304324 holes,Right
163305325 holes,Right
163306326 holes,Right
163307327 holes,Right
163308328 holes,Right

Universal Locking Plate System
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