Wrist External Fixator

Extra-articular application
Ulnar and radius fractures and orthopedics
Extra-articular fracture of distal radius
Children's humerus and elbow fractures
Cross-joint application
Fixation after repair of wrist dislocation, fracture and soft tissue injury Ø Assisted wrist retraction
Osteoarthritis of the wrist

1. Strong and stable joint non-bridging structure design, easy and fast operation
2. Universal fixation with double ball heads to meet multi-dimensional fixation of the wrist joint and early functional exercise
3. The structure is light and the patient is more comfortable
4. Four combinations, wider indications
5. Diameter of matching bone needle: Φ2.5mm/Φ3.0mm/Φ3.3mm/Φ4.0mm

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Wrist External Fixator


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Wrist External Fixator
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