Thoracolumbar System

We have a rich products line of thoracolumbar spine products, including interbody cages, titanium meshes, posterior thoracolumbar spine screws (titanium alloy, cobalt chromium molybdenum), vertebroplasty products (PVP, PKP, CPVP), to meet a variety of thoracolumbar spine Surgical treatment needs for spinal disorders. The interbody cage can match the mainstream surgical approaches, including PLIF, TLIF, and OLIF. The nail rod products are even more abundant. Not only are there two types of titanium alloy and cobalt-chromium-molybdenum to choose from, but there are also corresponding products for open and minimally invasive surgical methods. For patients with osteoporosis, there are also hollow bone Cement screws are suitable.
Thoracolumbar System

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